Our Mission

FTX bankruptcy is the first of its kind chapter 11 bankruptcy with 1m+ creditors, including 200k+ creditors with high balances.

We aim at:

  • Uniting creditors together to restore and create value for an optimal recovery.

  • Participating in FTX 2.0 through active collaboration.

  • Avoid clawbacks for non-victims.

  • Stop the lawyers' abusive billing.

  • Restore peace in the ecosystem and make the high profile institutions stop the hunt at each other (Gemini, DCG, Binance...)


Creating a taskforce where 200k+ creditors-builders can thrive:

  • Uniting All The Creditors In A Unique Space

  • Offering Our Skills To Maximize Recovery

  • Creating Pure Value With Innovative Ideas

  • Exposing the injustices of abusive billing

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