Empowering Unity
Decentralizing FTX recovery
Being the voice of the voiceless

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Join us

Register and gain access to our forums, where you can connect with fellow creditors and share your expertise to help the recovery.

Raise Your Voice

Raise your concerns and share your stories but also volunteer to create values. Let the world know that you are ready to take action and help, whatever are your skills. Together, we can create a force to be reckoned with.

Unmask the Truth

Through our collective efforts, we will generate insightful blog posts and analysis, showcasing the extent of the injustice. Our goal is to catch the attention of prominent medias to gain authority and gain a voice in the case, and urge them to shed light on the corrupt practices we've endured.

Unity in Action

As we gain momentum, we will approach the heart of the matter. By uniting our forces and demonstrating our ability to decentralize the recovery process, we will be a force that cannot be ignored. Our mission is to restore and create value for an optimal recovery, making also sure that non-victims are protected from unjust clawbacks.

Seeking Justice

Our journey doesn't end there. We are prepared to fight for ourselves and hold those responsible accountable. With more datas in our hands, we will devise a plan to get the ecosystem behind us. It's time for cryptonatives to stand together and realize that it's in their best interest to support the rightful creditors.

History with FTX 2.0

Through our unwavering determination, meticulous analysis, and united front, we will etch our mark in history.
The era of FTX 2.0 is coming.

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